Our 3 pillars

1/ Optimizing your bank fees

First of all, the various bank charges are very numerous and have wording that is not very explicit. Banks often drag their feet in communicating pricing conditions to their customers.   This is the first barrier to the renegotiation of bank charges.

How do I know if the pricing applied to your company is satisfactory? Can we optimize bank fees without closing the door of bank financing and maintaining good relations with its banks?

I combine a knowledge of both economic and technical models specific to banks through:

Access to the terms and conditions and bank fees paid by companies
The internal invoicing of the banks.

M3S proposes a better trading margin for bank fees by also taking into account:

From the relationship framework,
The presence and operation of the appropriations,
Future requests and potential needs,
Of credit ratings,
The financial health of the company.

A successful price negotiation results in the maintenance of excellent relations between the company and its banks; no company can do without access to short-term operating lines or medium-long credits.  


Centralisation of information

Analysis and definition of the pricing model

Consultation of banks and processing of offers we submit

Validation and implementation of new pricing conditions

We can intervene as soon as information is collected if you wish for a better responsiveness.

Results :

Bank charges are down!

Banking relations are preserved!

Remuneration :

Based on the results obtained, a percentage of the savings to be achieved over a full year, based on the bank flows of the previous year.

2/ Preparation of Credits files

The world of bank credit is experiencing a “revolution” with the reduction of commissions to credit brokers; some banks today have purely and simply stopped working with business providers.

The challenge for companies is to obtain a credit agreement with their historical bankers so as not to unnecessarily increase the number of banking institutions. 

In order to maximise its chances of granting credit, a company must file a detailed credit file with its banks and not only transmit information to the account managers; who better than the head of the company to carry out and explain a project?

Business managers have increasingly difficult portfolios to manage:

  • The number of customers is on the rise,
  • Transfer of administrative tasks to advisory positions,
  • The increasingly heavy regulatory pressure (KYC, FATCA, Beneficial Owners, Legal Update etc…).

This will shorten the response time to your credit.

3/ Assistance on banking issues and services

  • M3S accompanies you in all your steps for example:
  • Opening of accounts and setting up of credit lines,
  • Challenge of a credit denial or relationship breakdown,
  • Administrative requests,
  • Pre-litigation ….